r o b i n   s o m e s   .   l i s t e n

Here are some tasters for the tunes and songs on The Wind Horse, and The Sea Remembers Nothing, and a couple of videos. Later, I might get around to putting up some old recordings - they'll never make it on to CD, but they're historical documents in which other people played a part, so they might at least be faintly interesting...

All the music here is now for sale on CD in my shop and available to download from Bandcamp

Chemical Change
The song was recorded in 2007, and appears on The Sea Remembers Nothing; I put together the video in 2010. The latter may explain the lyrics through allegory, whilst exploring a range of subconscious fears and obsessions. On the other hand it might just be a collection of the first bunch of video clips I could lay my hands on.

Mini-gig, March 2013
A mini-concert recorded in Terry Muller's micro-gallery in March 2013, featuring 1 tune from my first CD 'The Wind Horse', and 2 tunes from my 2nd CD, 'The Sea Remembers Nothing'.
1. Miss Manning Requests
2. Brickyard Creek
3. The Sea Remembers Nothing

This was recorded at the Spinnaker Bar open mic evening, February 2nd 2013; I'll possibly never get around to doing anything with the tune, so again, this is something of an historical document, nothing more. The tuning, if anyone cares, is CGCGCD.